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The Water Way - 49 x 49 in.

The Water Way - 49 x 49 in.

I wanted to create a piece that makes reference to water and chose to convey this idea with elements of maritime life. I've included vintage maps, deep navy blues, and stripes that almost appear as if they are a nautical flag. I also feel the overall composition looks like the isles and waterways we have in Fort Lauderdale; we are called the Venice of America for that reason. The title is a play on words that refers not only the canals in Lauderdale but also a state of being; I believe if we could all be more like water and resist less against our daily lives we would all flow more easily.
This piece has heavy texture created by a layer of medium. I then collaged paper and blueprints, corrugated cardboard and handmade cyanotypes and added acrylic paint. I skim coated the the piece with resin and finished it with a matte varnish which creates a surface similar to encaustic wax.
"Water is fluid, soft, and yielding" -Lao Tzu from the Tao de Ching
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