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Ho'oponopono Prayer

Ho'oponopono Prayer

I have been on a spiritual journey for the last few years and have kept a journal with daily mantras I use in the morning, evening and during meditations. These sayings have inspired the Mantra series of paintings that I hope will enrich the lives of others. I can imagine these paintings hanging anywhere from public spaces to intimate family homes where the participants can be reminded of their innate divinity. 


This uplifting piece from my mantra series comes with a special set of viewing glasses. When viewed through ChromaPro 3-D glasses the canvas comes to life and the letters appear to lift off the surface. This special effect happens when the glasses separate the various colors giving the illusion that the warm hues are coming forward and the cooler colors are pushing back. I will include one pair of ChromaPro 3-D glasses with purchase of the Mantra series.


My desire is to create graphic, inspirational paintings using only stencils and my colorful layering technique. There are several layers of paint and sanding between each layer. The black background is also distressed with sanding to create a rustic feeling.


This inspirational piece is perfect to hang in the heart of the home.

Signed on the back and ready to hang.

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